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||December Super Post||

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||December Super Post||

Post  XG1234 on Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:06 am

Ok at the end of every month we will post what has happened in the community. This one has come early due to Christmas fucking around with people and where they are. Perram is the reason this community is working so a big thankyou to Perram

On the 27th of November 2009 ACCC was founded by Perram. He's aim was to create an Australian Gaming Community in which players from Australia could communicate with each other and about about Crysis or just plain old nonsense. the day after SlipperyFloor joined the team and became the second ACCC Admin, The 2 Admins then tried hard to get this community to work. That same day Nortonjg was recruited and was made ACCC's first Moderator.

They Started recruiting people from the 9th of December Onwards adding Bloodshadow, Project 69, Dioxyde, Cultofskarro and dalek. From that bunch BloodShadow was made the Communities 2nd Moderator, a few days later Dalek was also added to that group being the 3rd ACCC Moderator. The Community started growing, but the forums looked dead and shit.

On the 10th of December Envy, Avalost and Roadkilla joined the community making the grand total of members to 11. Envy wasn't going to be active so we made him a community Visitor. The forums still looked like if a blue whale had vomited up on it. (yes it looked crap)

On the 11th of December the community grew by a big extent, with 3 new members joining. XG1234, Hamburgler and Dangerdan. Because of XG's skillz with forums he was promoted to Clan Admin making him the 3rd in the community, XG turned the but ugly forums into a nice, friendly, relaxing environment that matched the game Crysis. He also made the forums looking a better place.

From the 11th to the 23rd of December 15 additional members joined the community they were; Virtuoso X, down.syde, randomj, Shadow, Rilord, Delta, Mr. A/Broken, .:gE:. Quantum, [UDF]QuaKes, loki, Thruan, Sonic-Boom, Sasstraliss, IEatNoobs and GrimRouper. Out of these Rilord was given a Moderator Position.

Also on the 23rd of December the Communities name was change to : AGE : which stood for Australian Gaming Enthusiasts, the name was thought of by XG himself. On this day XG also won the community banner Competition for his stunning work.
XG's banner will be put up after new years to celebrate the begining of a fantastic community.

The Banner

On this very day the Admins and Moderators positions were changed and will be as follows...
READ- all positions will be in affect once XG gets back from his holiday. I will be away so LOKI will be replacing me as Admin while i'm gone.
Community Admins
BloodShadow (Congratulations on your Promotion)

Community Moderators
SlipperyFloor (Demoted due to inactivity)
Loki (Congratulations on your Promotion)
Dioxide (Congratulations on your Promotion)

Every one else is now a member. Smile

Thankyou for being apart of the AGE community.

Admin Control and moderator Central

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