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Post  bloodshadow on Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:34 am

ingame name: i have a few for different ones mostly bloodshadow with maybe an x somewhere in the name or bloodskull
i used to play crysis wars a lot and then i quit for a year, i came back and had just bought cod 4 i saw dapony, and old clan member of a dead clan on crysis wars and saw [TAG] infront of his name so i applied there and that got me into cod4 and crysis wars, then i left and followed dalek to 1day and i have stayed there, i have now become sick of crysis wars and am playing cod 4 and cod6 mostly cod6 though.
yea i like to play fps games and rpg games and racing games on ps3 though. i like computers and many electronic things. um yea thats sort of me


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